Monroe to Shipshewana


This Sunday started out slow and continued in that manner.  We enjoyed a bike ride around Sterling State Park before we packed up and moved out.  That park is absolutely lovely!  Worth spending several days exploring and enjoying.

We left at 1305 hrs. – 5 whole minutes after check out – and no one said a thing.  When the kids were young, we would travel US12 across southern Michigan.  There are several roadsides with hand pumps – and we made it a practice to stop at them, let the kids pump water, and take their picture.  No kids with us today, but Bill posed by the pump so we could keep up tradition.  We traveled west, then a little south – warping into Indiana.  We found the refrigeration repair place and took up residence in their parking lot.  Although we logged 8.7 miles on the bike this morning, I was short of steps and miles.  I set out to explore, walking 3.1 miles along a lovely road.  What a delight to be passed by more horse and buggies and bicycles than by automobiles!

Most people come to Shipshewana to explore shopping venues, beautiful hand-crafted items, and taste the legendary food.  Not us…. we came to Shipshewana to park in a parking lot and await a successful resuscitation of our refrigerator.  Perhaps it is just knowing that it will soon be fixed – but I am so incredibly tired of eating most meals out of cans and pre-processed.  It has taken me this long to figure out that part of my trouble sleeping may actually be due to the MSG and preservatives we are eating.  This is not how we normally eat.  I am fantasizing about filling the crisper drawers with fresh veggies (even considered raiding some of the lovely gardens in the neighborhood) and having fresh meat and seafood on hand.  I am not trying to sound ungrateful – I realize that we are blessed to have food to eat and a warm place (or cool when we have electricity) to live.  But I truly appreciate being able to make intentional choices about selecting fresh, healthy food options for us.


As for exploring Shipshewana – there just may be a Thelma and Louise trip in the future….


For now, 135 miles traveled today.  The weather forecast tomorrow is for some pretty ugly weather, so we will likely be on the road headed north as quickly as possible.

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