Day 7 – Exciting Stuff (aka – Things We Sometimes Take for Granted)

Very lazy start to today – we didn’t check out of Kokatosi until 1100hrs!  Our trip would only take us a couple hours, so no need to push it.

Leaving Raymond, we were still on 2-lane roads.  This is lovely country to see, but driving can be a little tense – definitely not the flatland we are used to.  Then something REALLY exciting happened!  We got on I95 – as in – Interstate 95 – WOW – what a delight!  Except for the part that advised the overpasses were a height of 13’6” – and the knowledge that our rig is 13’5”…  Every time we went under one, we both kind of ducked and held our breath.  Happy to say, though, that we arrived at our destination with everything in the same place it was when we left this morning.


The colors are starting to show themselves – it reminds me of watching children as they transform.  You know that with patience, it is going to be a beautiful thing to behold.  Our travels have expanded my appreciation and gratitude for this amazing country that we live in.  I realize how very blessed we are to be able to take these journeys.


We arrived pretty much as predicted by our trusty GPS – around 1530 hrs.  Then the second really exciting thing happened – for the second time in a row – our campsite was easy access, very large (like we could park another unit our size in our site – and still have room for a tent or two), and very level.  Takes all of the challenge out of parking – pull-thru – with full hook-ups.  HEAVEN!!!

I actually think there are three exciting things – the third being the campground is large enough to get a decent run or walk in without having to go out on the local roads.  One of our earlier campgrounds only had a 0.3 mile “track” – and the local roads were just not walker/runner friendly.  Kokatosi was good for 1+ mile around.  Our new home – Timberland Acres – haven’t mapped it out completely, but it’s good for about a mile as well.


Timberland Acres – this is a very large park, and very clean.  Definitely big-rig friendly, and is reported to be about 14 miles from Acadia National Park.  The lady at the check-in desk was super helpful – we were given a substantial amount of information about the local area, with her own suggestions as well.  We are here until Monday, so will have 3 full days to explore.  Acadia will get at least one of those days, probably a stop in Bar Harbor – in search of the fabled lobster roll.  Also spied some advertising for local yarn stores…and a tea shop…and a battleground site of sorts.

We walked the park, logged our steps and mileage, and enjoyed supper before seriously relaxing.

Miles traveled:  157, trip total 1357.

Timberland Acres:

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