Sept 26 & 27 – Rhode Island and Massachusetts Exploring

Thursday was dedicated to visiting Rhode Island – we explored Prescott Farms and the Newport Car Museum.

Prescott Farms is a lovely little place with a magnificent herb garden and kitchen garden – I want those when we stop traveling and have a garden again!  I think we both want the windmill in our future yard as well!


The Newport Car Museum was an unexpected bonus – we discovered it on our travels.  This is the place for automobile aficionados!  They have an “International Room”, “Corvette Room”, “Shelby/Ford Room”, “Fin Room (cars with fins)”, “Mopar Room”, and “Muscle Car Room”.  Once you’ve toured the rooms (Bill picked out his favorite, and I picked out mine – turns out I have really expensive tastes!), then you have the opportunity to drive a racing simulator.  Bill drove a 1969 442 at Lime Rock Race Track, and I drove a Ford GT at Daytona.  It was painfully obvious that neither of us will take us auto racing as a late in life occupation!


On our way home, we were treated to rush hour in the Boston area.  Props to our friends from this area – you all have nerves of steel!

Today, what a delight!  We started out the day having coffee with another Mayport winter friend.  Bob Tonello came over to our campsite bearing homegrown tomatoes – a lovely variety.  They will make a delicious fresh tomato salad, and we’ll still be able to use some in sandwiches and snacks.  We chatted the morning away and were grateful for his advice for getting out of this area and through NYC with the rig.  We look forward to seeing him again at the Cove in October.


This afternoon, we caught up on grocery shopping at Hanscom in the Commissary and Exchange.  After storing everything, we headed to the Minute Man National Historic Site just a few miles from the campground.  They have a very interesting video presentation.  Then we walked about 3 miles of Battle Road before coming back home.


Laundry, supper, a little relax time – and ready for bed!  One more day here, and on Sunday we head south.


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