September 29 – Leaving The Mass(es)

The wheels on the truck were turning by 0920 hrs. this morning – a great travel day – sunshine on our back, and much less traffic.  In a general southwest direction, we made our way out of Massachusetts and on the way to see and explore new places.  We have figured out that rest areas and truck stops are few and far between in this part of the country – and have adjusted our travel accordingly.

The colors that we enjoyed in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire are just starting to show up in Massachusetts.  They were more noticeable as we traveled into Connecticut, through New York, and into Pennsylvania.  Travel was pretty much uneventful with the exception of the Pilot Truck Stop we visited to refuel.  A semi driver had managed to wedge himself crossways in the lane for fueling, and it created quite a traffic jam for a bit.

Our stop today is in Port Jervis, PA – very near the junction of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  We found our campground – more of an RV parking lot – adjacent to the Interstate (think lots of road noise) and were off the road and set up by 1530 hrs.  Prepped supper and popped it in the oven and went out to log some steps/miles.  What a delight to discover the Home Depot just a mile down the road.  Since I was walking solo, I took the opportunity to explore their garden center.  The mums this year are absolutely lovely.  Good thing I didn’t take money with me – or I would have been toting mums for the mile return trip home.

After supper, we updated our map.  We need to add New Jersey, and West Virginia should have been added a while back – we were there two years ago.




Then we went to New Jersey for Dairy Queen.  We’ve been in 5 states today!

One of our goals is to fill in every state on our map, and maybe all the provinces.  Since we’ve been on this trip, I have a new goal of logging a walk or run in every state – and maybe all the provinces.  Our maps are looking pretty good.  I need to download a new blank map of the US so I can fill in my states.  Goals are good things!

We drove 241 miles today, and our trip total is 2,619 miles.

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