September 30 – October 1 – Pennsylvania to Maryland, Seeing Walt, and Gettysburg

Yesterday we traveled from PA to MD, a delightfully uneventful trip enjoying the sights and I did some serious knitting.


We landed at Little Bennett County Campground in Clarksburg, MD.  This is our second visit – this particular park is great!  Many upgrades since we were here two years ago.  They have added cabins and a full hook-up loop.  The sites are still beautiful, lots of trees and spacious sites.

We were sitting around the campfire waiting for supper to finish when Walter surprised us with a visit.  It is always a special treasure to be able to spend time with the kids, and we marvel at the adults they have become.  God is soooo very good!  We shared supper, a walk, and lots of talking.  We are hoping for another visit before he is TDY.  Piper was ecstatic with Walt’s visit – and is still recovering today.

Today we set off to explore Gettysburg.  We will be going back there – because the route they recommended for the hour and a half that we had – well, we only saw one very small portion.  I think I sounded like a broken record – I couldn’t find words to describe (and still can’t) what I experienced.  Pretty much, my vocabulary was “WOW, just WOW”.  As a side note – this is what I expected to find when we walked the Freedom Trail.  Our American History is rich indeed.  If you haven’t been, please put it at the top of your “Sights to see” list.

This evening, I made bread and cookies to take to Walt tomorrow.  Then I enjoyed a run in the park – and was delighted to discover that even though it was 82 degrees – I could 1.) still run in the heat, and 2.) the park is just as lovely as I remembered it for running in.

Here are a few pictures from today:

Little Bennett:



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