On The Road – Take 3


It has taken three attempts for us to be on the road again – this time we did it!  We left Osprey Cove at 0935 hrs. and traveled I10 West for the day.  Last week we were getting ready for our first try and the truck developed a severe case of fatigue – seriously lost its get-up-and-go.  We were able to find a Ford Service Department that could see us same day.  Bill had already pulled the error code and knew it was an EGR valve problem.  That only took him less than an hour to diagnose.  At the Ford Service Department, it took them a whole day of diagnostics to conclude that it was indeed the EGR valve.  That was the good news…bad news?  They didn’t have the part.  Looked like we weren’t going to make our planned departure date of last Saturday.  While that repair was being completed, they also attended to a couple items that were recall problems.  Finally, on Wednesday, we were able to pick up our (hopefully) now healthy truck.  Except that on Wednesday evening, while doing a test drive (prior to our new departure date of Thursday morning), that pesky little check engine light decided to shine brightly.  Bill made a return trip to the Ford dealer yesterday morning for a another check-up and repair.  Further test drives last night went well, and the truck was very healthy. We finished packing up last night and rescheduled our departure for today.  Piper was able to enjoy one last beach excursion with us before bed.

The morning dawned cool and absolutely beautiful!  It was fun to see the sunrise and then discover the moon being framed by a crane at the parking garage construction site.  Kathi joined me on my “goodbye beach walk” and we accomplished about 4.5 miles.


Final touches were put on packing, and we enjoyed a brief time of fellowship (socially distanced appropriately) saying farewell until the fall.  We have been ever so blessed by the “family” we have come to know and love at the Cove.  It’s hard to say goodbyes, more so in light of current events.

Our plan for the next week is pretty straight forward.  We’ve been watching the statistics for the virus as well as travel restrictions along our route.  Initially we were going to head straight back to Michigan, however; after some consideration decided to head west and see Beth in Houston.  Then back to Michigan.  We don’t require hotels and are pretty much self-contained as we travel.  We have our masks, hand sanitizer, soap and water, and toilet paper.  Our arrival in Michigan should coincide with the loosening of some of the restrictions there.  As we travel, we are being socially responsible with distancing and avoiding unnecessary stops.  Most things are still closed – especially museums and such.  Travel today was pretty pleasant, traffic light and no back-ups.


We stopped at the Milton/Gulf Pines KOA in Milton, FL.  Lovely campground and contactless check-in and assist to site.  We have great access to the expressway for morning.  Our planned arrival in Houston will be mid-day Sunday.


Mileage today:  368 miles.



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