Milton FL to Dusan LA – 4 Warps!

May 9 – Day 2 en route to Houston.  We switched to CST yesterday, so woke earlier than we planned.  Wheels turning by 0901 hrs, and pointed west, still on I-10.  Funny thing about being in one place for a long time (we were stationary for 6 months!) – you run the risk of getting a little rusty about pack-up and pack-out procedures.  It was a relief yesterday to arrive with everything still in it’s place, no unplanned messes to clean up from not stowing things properly.

In view of the current situation, I planned road food so that we don’t have to stop and get food.  Since we carry our entire house when we are on the road, we can take care of bathroom stops in the comfort of our own home.  Pay at the pump means we don’t have to go into the gas station, and the campgrounds are doing everything by phone and leaving details on a bulletin board or envelope upon arrival.  Between yesterday and today, we have learned some cool stuff!  The time we spend at stops (gas, bathroom breaks, etc.) is much shorter when we don’t go inside.  Also, we’re not spending money on food and beverages.  We carry our coffee, water, and soda.  Each evening, I pack a bag with the next days food, and in the morning put perishables in the cooler.  Our road food is healthier, not of questionable origin, and we are eating/snacking on smaller amounts ad lib.  Quarantine benefit!

Travel today was pleasant.  Traffic volume was low, we noticed more traffic in Louisiana than the other states.  We warped from Florida into Alabama into Mississippi and finally into Louisiana.  This morning we drove through the Swamp Fire area near Pensacola – no smoke, but the lingering fire smell was strong and there was a lot of evidence of the burned areas visible.  We enjoyed driving past the rest area with Blue Angels static displays.

All in all, one might consider it a boring travel day.  We just consider it uneventful, which in terms of travel, is one big bonus!  Truck is running well, weather is lovely, and we are listening to an action/adventure audiobook (which helps me knit a little faster-and sometimes have to unknit a row if I get to wrapped up in the adventure).  Piper is bored – pretty sure if she could talk, we would be hearing “are we there yet?”.


Our home for the evening is Frog City RV Park in Dusan, LA.  Very convenient for an overnight stay.  Quiet little park, right off I-10, with a truck stop/gas station adjacent.


We traversed 4 states, 338 miles, and were off the road by 1530 hrs.

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