On The Road…after 182 days!

After spending the past two days packing, cleaning, storing, and taking care of last-minute details, we were wheels turning at 1040 hrs. this morning.  Our target departure time was between 1000 and 1100 hrs., so we did well. 

It is a tiny bit intimidating to plan that first move after being in one place for such a long time.  There was a lot of double- and triple-checking that went on.  It paid off – we are off the road at 1415 hrs., set up, coffee pot just finished a fresh pot for Bill, and the tension is easing.  We arrived in a steady rain, and that has passed.

Our travels today covered 167 miles.  We did make 3 short road trips in the past 6 months – two to Fort Rucker, AL, and one to Fort Jackson, SC.  Those were accomplished without pulling the house – we “hoteled” it. 

It feels good to be traveling again.  We were both ready.  Staying at Osprey Cove is always great – we have many wonderful friends that we spend the winter with.  We treasure those friendships all year long – carrying those special people in our hearts and prayers until we meet again.  This year, as well as most of last year, was certainly different because of the pandemic.  While it is still concerning, there is definitely a degree of comfort in at least having a knowledge of what we are dealing with.  The added comfort of knowing that we have received our two vaccines, and now are considered “fully vaccinated” with our 2-week period behind us helps.  Yes, we still were masks and social distance – that is just good common sense and concern for others – but there is definitely a measure of reassurance there.

Our winter has been well-spent.  We made our health a top priority – physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I am proud of what we have accomplished – both individually and together.  We have been making some pretty incredible and exciting travel plans and are looking forward to putting them in motion. 

We still have Mara Jade – our son’s dog.  Poor little mutt – this is her first “on the road” experience.  She was so nervous – I believe she will sleep well tonight.  Hopefully tomorrow will be easier for her.  Piper is a seasoned traveler.  Mara’s eyes are so expressive – you can see (and feel) her uncertainty.  She is a little Velcro pup right now.  That’s okay – her snuggles are good ones.

Stay tuned – we’ll be on the road for a good bit.  And there will be a good bit of fun!

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