16 April 2021 – Lamont to Pensacola

We have arrived safely aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola!  We departed in leisurely fashion this morning at 1007 hrs. and enjoyed light traffic for travel.  At some point early in the trip we crossed into Central Time and will be living in this time zone for a couple weeks. 

As we got closer to Pensacola, we started noticing the considerable storm damage this area has experienced.  The 2020 hurricane season was not kind to this part of the country.  Apparently, the base has experienced quite a few storms this winter, according to a fellow camper. 

It has been about 5 years since we have stayed here at Oak Grove.  We are both enjoying our stay already.  One of the missions at this base in flight training, and our mission is to not walk into anything while we look skyward to see what is making music (jet noise) in the air.  We will be spending at least one day exploring the National Naval Aviation Museum (pretty sure it will be 2 days because you just can’t only spend one day there!), and then we need to explore Fort Barrancas again.  There are many great options for walking here on base – from the beach (on the Gulf), to paved walking paths, and some nature trails.  Right now we have reservations here until the 24th

Mara had a better travel day today – although she seems a little perplexed by the whole idea of the house following us around.  When we make pit stops, she jumps out of the truck and immediately trots back to check and confirm that “home” is with us.  She is the ultimate busybody – her nose is in everyone’s business.  When we walk, she walks ahead, the turns around to check out the rear, and keeps a close eye on the left and right.  After a 2-mile exploration walk, Mara and Piper are passed out cold. 

Sharing a picture of a Live Oak Tree – Mom has been here twice with us – in 2013 (with Dad), and then again in 2016 (alone with us).  This is the same tree in all these pictures.

Mom and Champ in February 2016

Today has been a great day.  Looking forward to more fun after a good night’s sleep.  Stay tuned – Pensacola updates will be posted.  Spoiler alert – photos of aircraft will be involved!

Covered 235 miles, 5 hours from wheels rolling to slides out.

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