24 April 2021 – Packing Day

Sort of…we did start our packing in anticipation of moving on Sunday.  We explored a local airport off-base (in case we come back next year and bring 23 Unicorn).  Also checked out a local grocery store – and wonder of wonders – found split peas and celery seeds (they were nowhere to be found in Mayport and the large chain grocery stores in Pensacola).  It is interesting to see what is going to be scarce in the grocery store and blamed on the pandemic.  I was surprised to see an abundance of Clorox wipes, bottles of rubbing alcohol and peroxide, and hand sanitizer.

We took time out for walks with our pups and walks for ourselves.  Found some pretty spring flowers blooming, and just generally enjoyed the lovely setting.  All in all, we highly recommend Naval Air Station Pensacola – Oak Grove Campground – for a great camping experience.  There is a great deal of airplane noise as the campground is in the landing and flight path.  We don’t consider that to be a problem, though!

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