26 April 2021 – Engineer Beach Campground

This campground is a “must visit” friends!  It is so quiet here, and it is just plain lovely.  A few bugs, but it is a campground.  Comes with resident alligators and snakes – or so we have been warned.  And there is considerable helicopter traffic – mostly Blackhawks although we did see a Chinook today.

We explored the base a bit – found Walt’s house, located the Post Office, the Exchange, the Parade field, and several static displays of aircraft.  Off base, we located an Oil Change place for the truck, a Walgreens for supplement restock, and a peek at the local area.

Yesterday, we stumbled on this tiny little family cemetery here on base.  It has been preserved – and is apparently one of several that were present when the Army acquired the property.  The base is well supplied with walking/running paths, cycling opportunities, several lakes, so much to see and do!

Tomorrow is Graduation Day for Walt.  He will be a Warrant Officer, and is pretty excited to be moving closer to flight school.

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