27 April to 6 May 2021 – Time With Walt

You know that life is good when there isn’t time to blog. I’ll try to catch up the past few weeks – time that has been filled with love and making memories with family.

We’ll just capture this past week in one post!  We have been so busy enjoying our stay that there wasn’t time to write and post.  Walter graduated on Tuesday (27 April) from Warrant Officer Candidate School.  He is now a Warrant Officer 1. 

Right after graduation, Walt was given access to his new house on base – or perhaps it would be better to say Mara’s house that Walt will share with her.  His first order of business was to go shopping for a new mattress, and by Tuesday night, he was able to share his bed with Mara for their first night at home.  (No pictures of the house, and I just realized this!)  We were able to sneak in a quick lunch together on Wednesday.  Thursday was a free day for Walt so he took us to explore the Army Aviation Museum (Bill and I returned on Saturday to finish exploring!).

Bill and Walt left early (ugly early) on Friday morning to go to Panama City, FL so Walt could get a flight to Maryland.  He had some belongings to retrieve that weren’t part of his military move.  Mara kept us company and we spent much of the weekend at her new house.  We were also shamelessly using Walt’s internet.  I had some professional certifications to renew and a few other details that had been put off pending internet access.  I also took full advantage of Walt’s kitchen and (gasp) full-size oven.  Haven’t seen one of those since we left Wellston last fall.  Bonus – I was able to finish my “Alaska hat” that I had been working on.

A few months ago, I came across a recipe for Anzac biscuits and we really enjoyed them.  Made them again on Sunday and added some chopped dates – excellent addition!  Sunday and Monday were work days for me, and general errand and catch-up stuff.  We enjoyed walking around the base, the magnolia trees were in bloom and absolutely stunning.

We greeted Walter home with homemade bread and peanut butter cookies made in his kitchen.  Mara was ecstatic to see him again.  Tuesday was also packing day and a rainy, stormy day.  Rainstorms in Alabama are nothing to mess with.  We were thinking about Googling plans to build an ark.  Wednesday was our original departure date, but a morning check of the weather forecast for our intended route prompted us to ask for and receive an extension for one more day.  It was a much appreciated rest day.

Thursday dawned bright, cool and lovely.  We packed up and prepared to leave.  Walt and Mara came over to send us off – and present us with Army Aviation shirts.  It was hard to say goodbye – and I know we are going to miss Mara.  We will miss Walt – but seeing his joy in the future he has planned makes us so proud of him.  We are excited for him, and look forward to visiting whenever we can. 

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