6 May 2021 – Fort Rucker, AL to Gulfport, MS

We didn’t exactly get an early start – leaving around 1100 hrs after saying goodbyes.  Travel today was pleasant, and we are delighted to not have been on the road yesterday in all the rain.  No excitement is always good when traveling.  Our #2 slide gave us a little trouble when pulling this morning, so this will bear some watching.

We stayed at a little local campground, not remarkable, and not worth recommending or mentioning here.  Upon arriving at the campground, slide #2 is definitely being temperamental.  Schwintek slides are not the best – and 3 of our 4 slides are Schwinteks.

We are listening to an audiobook written by Kristin Hannah – The Four Winds.  Ms. Hannah is a fabulous writer.  No spoiler alerts – just a recommendation – listen to or read this book.  Have Kleenex handy. 

260 miles traveled.

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