7 May 2021 – Gulfport, MS to Lake Charles, LA

These last two days have involved campgrounds with challenging access.  For our traveling friends – you likely know what this means! 

To unwind, we decided to take a walk around town – and to our delight, we discovered the local middle school with a walking track.  Shortly after we arrived and started our walking, 3 young men came with their moms to the track.  They were tossing a football around.  2 of them left quickly, leaving one young man to his own devices.  He really looked downhearted, and Bill tried to initiate a conversation.  On the next pass, Bill offered to toss the football with him.  Bill and his new friend “Willie” tossed the ball for quite a while.  Before we left, Bill shared a shark tooth from FL with Willie. 

We spent the evening discussing our escape from this access-challenged campground.  Definitely wouldn’t recommend it, and won’t visit it again.  Slide #2 – a Schwintek – is causing problems – to the point that we didn’t open it here.

230 miles traveled today.

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