8 May through 12 May 2021 – College Station Texas

What a wonderful 5 days!  We arrived at Holiday RV Park in College Station at 1430 hrs. local.  Easy access, lovely park – highly recommend and we plan to stay here in the future.

We were delighted to see Beth and meet Seth and Ryan.  Beth purchased her first home, and they were in the process of moving in.  Nyx and Callie are settling in very well.  It was much like coming home – warm and welcoming – and it wasn’t even our home. 

Where to start….the very best part of the whole visit – at least for Bill and for me – was the feeling of sheer joy at seeing Beth doing so well.  It’s hard to adequately describe the feeling – but for those of you that are parents – it’s that heart-swelling deep inside warmth of seeing your children happy and content.  And to have that be true for both kids – our cup is more than overflowing with blessings and joy.

Beth’s home is lovely – and huge – especially from our point of view living in the 5th wheel.  She is planning both inside and outside landscaping and decorating, although it is lovely as is.  She has a very nurturing green thumb, and we enjoyed playing in the dirt often.  For Mother’s Day, she took me to Martha’s Bloomers – and I am already planning a return visit there!  I brought home several plants despite my intention to not expand my traveling garden.  Beth graciously agreed to plant some flowers that I really wanted, but knew they wouldn’t travel and grow for me.

Seth is a delightful young man, and fits well with the Dumont clan.  He is a CAP member, and a hot air balloon pilot.  That is just the tip of the iceberg for Seth – he has so many experiences and a vast amount of knowledge to share – and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him.  Seth’s son, Ryan, is an absolute charmer.  Quite the young gentleman.  We look forward to watching him grow and being part of both of these men’s lives.

Beth had a few things on the Dad To Do List.  Bill enjoyed spending some Daddy-Daughter time. 

As always when we are together, food adventures occur.  Beth made a delicious seafood boil for dinner.  Another dinner was an adventure in Peruvian dining.

As our time together came to an end, we discussed plans for next winter.  The wheels are turning in our minds as well as on the “bus”.

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