October 17, 2021

Flexibility is a good thing.  First of all – we really did make it to Michigan from Texas – although it doesn’t appear that way reading the blog.  We also made it to Mount Pleasant for RV repairs, and to Oshkosh for the airshow.  One of our summer highlights was meeting up with my Aunt Estie, and my cousins Janet and Debbie.  Rob brought Mom up to Escanaba so we could enjoy a small family reunion time.  Our summer seemed to pass at warp speed – perhaps it was trying to make up for lost time due to the pandemic.  In any case – after a false start, we packed up and headed southwest today.

We departed Wellston, MI at 0935 hrs., amidst the fall colors, blue skies and elusive sunshine (the weeks preceding this would make one believe they were actually in the pacific northwest).  Traveling was very pleasant down the west side of the state.  We warped through the Michigan/Indiana border, then the Indiana/Illinois border and watched the thermometer slowly climb out of the 60-degree range into the low 70’s. 

Our first night was spent in Gilman, Illinois – a tiny little farming community in the northeast part of the state.  Very charming, quiet and inviting with easy access to our route of travel.  Unfortunately, campgrounds were scarce.  We ended up staying at the “Super 8” motel.  Although it was very dated – it was one of the cleanest motels we have stayed in in the recent past!  They actually had visible security cameras (although they were probably not often needed).  We enjoyed a walk through the farmland and were treated to a beautiful sunset.

The very hardest part of beginning this trip is always saying goodbye to Mom.  And today, especially – this day would have marked a 62nd anniversary.  We are hopeful that Mom will join us for some adventures this winter, though.

367 miles, on the road at 0935 ET, off the road at 1600 CT.

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