October 18, 2021

After an amazing sunrise and quiet, restful night, we topped off the diesel tank and hit the road.  Leaving Gilman at 0845 hrs., traffic was light and travel was again pleasant.  The sun made an all-day appearance for us, and there was little to no wind.  Temps were cool to start – mid 40’s, but by mid-day, we were in the upper 70’s.  Wardrobe changes were in order.

We left Illinois and entered Missouri in St. Louis.  Traffic patterns there leave something to be desired!  Things settled down considerably after we were well established on 44 and away from the bigger cities.  Our audiobook is Oppose Any Foe written by Jack Mars.  It is the 4th book in his Luke Stone series.  We’ve been traveling with Luke Stone for several trips.  It is a military spy thriller type – and it requires you to keep your eyes open for your exits.  Very easy to get wrapped up in the storyline and sail right past Rest Areas and exits! 

Our stop this evening is in Cuba, MO.  We are enjoying the Meramec Valley Campground. 

This is definitely a stop worth enjoying.  I would imagine that it is quite different during the height of the camping season, however, it is sparsely occupied at the moment.  There is a small lake, a putt-putt golf course, and plenty of walking in the campground.

305 miles – on the road at 0845 CT, off the road 1545 CT.


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